Fredrik Portström



I'm an adventurer and minimalist, striving to explore all areas of personal development. I frequently travel and live quite a nomadic lifestyle. I like to meet interesting people and discover interesting places everywhere I go. I like beautiful nature and outdoor activities as well as cities and cultural activities. I especially enjoy good food and art together with likeminded people.

I would like to find someone who is as curious about the world as I am and would travel together with me.


I'm currently enjoying life in Prague, Czechia.

Current projects

Freeshop is a shop where everything is free. It lets people give away things they no longer use and get things they need. Freeshop is currently being launched in Sweden with plans to expand to other countries.

Setrak is an online game about trade and adventure, set in a world inspired by Norse mythology. The Swedish language version of Setrak is currently being prepared for launch, with other languages following later.

Flashlang is a tool for efficiently studying languages. It allows reading anything in any language, understanding it and learning the language at the same time.

Past projects

Robot Mine Sweeper
Arcade game for Android, with a flying robot bouncing on mines

Pushup Buddy
Android application that measures, tells and logs progress of pushup workouts, using proximity sensor

Python extension to generate captcha images

Python extension to capture video with video4linux2